May is Supervised Visitation Awareness Month

Dayton, Ohio (May, 2024) – Erma’s House Family Visitation Center in Dayton is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network (SVN), an organization consisting of over 800 visitation providers worldwide dedicated to providing safe parental access for families. A program of Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley, Erma’s House has been in operation since 1997 and hosted 897 supervised visits in 2023.

SVN dedicated May as supervised visitation/monitored exchange month in 2001 to help bring awareness to this important service for families around the world. When there are concerns for a child’s safety or well being, supervised visitation ensures that a child is able to participate in visitation with a parent in a safe, child-focused environment.

During the month of May, wear an orange ribbon to support safe supervised visitation. What color signifies safety better than orange? Orange is a bright color used to warn people to watch out and take notice. For this reason, SVN has adopted the orange ribbon with the goal that individuals around the world to see the orange ribbon and take notice of the thousands of children and families in need of this important service.

Erma’s House Family Visitation Center follows SVN Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, and provides supervised visitation as well as supervised exchange services for families in which at least one of the child’s parents/guardians lives in Montgomery County. For more information about Erma’s House, click HERE.